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Creative Entryways and Mud Rooms with Slatwall

Posted by Patrick Johnson on 19 April 2016

Around the country, families living in areas receiving significant quantities of rain throughout the year know the challenge of keeping floors and carpets clean and dry. Floor mats help to some extent, but to keep moisture at the entrance of your home, you’ve got to get creative. That’s where Slatwall comes in.

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Dazzling Chemetal Display Delights Tradeshow Attendees

Posted by Patrick Johnson on 7 April 2016

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In a recent blog post, we detailed a number of important reasons to use slatwall in your retail designs. We asserted that slatwall provides “style, beauty and value to whatever environment” it is employed. And, the image below is a great example of that point!

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Slatwall Helps Achieve Business Success

Posted by Patrick Johnson on 2 April 2016


We’ve all done it at one time or another - walked past store after store in a shopping mall, only to stop in our tracks at the entrance of a store with products we were not even looking for. At first, we’re drawn in for a closer look at what caught our eyes, but then we discover a world of interesting products. And, before we know it, we’ve spent more than a little time in the store. We’ve spent our money, as well.

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Spacewall Resources Just a Click Away

Posted by Patrick Johnson on 25 March 2016

Have you taken advantage of the resources we have at It’s our attempt to serve you before, during and after your slatwall purchase with information you can refer to at your convenience.

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