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Dazzling Chemetal Display Delights Tradeshow Attendees

In a recent blog post, we detailed a number of important reasons to use slatwall in your retail designs. We asserted that slatwall provides “style, beauty and value to whatever environment” it is employed. And, the image below is a great example of that point!

Fender Guitar Display Using Chemetal Slatwall
Fender Guitar Display Using Chemetal Slatwall

This display (built by Freeman Exhibitions for a Fender Guitar trade show exhibit) contained a captivating ambience. To enter this booth was to suddenly appear onstage grasping a legendary instrument known for producing exceptional jams – just ask the likes of Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and so on.

It’s clear the designer of this exhibit wanted to excite the imagination of those who entered their booth by creating a setting where attendees could actually envision themselves onstage playing a Fender Guitar – an effect made possible with Chemetal slatwall from Spacewall.

Chemetal’s unique properties made it an excellent choice for this project. Our handcrafted Chemetal slatwall is the strongest in the industry. And, it comes with T-Aluminum inserts installed which fortifies the board even more.

The Chemetal slatwall used in this Fender Guitar display is stylish and attractive. The pattern on its metallic surface complements a dark stage or studio theme with depth of quality and sophistication. And together along with the T-Aluminum inserts, a curious visual effect is achieved. Light is both reflected AND diffused so as to recreate the subtle conditions found in professional music performance venues. Finally, the laminate is 100% aluminum, meaning the slatwall is 100% recyclable.

Chemetal slatwall is available in many colors, patterns, and textures, including:

  • Polished
  • Brushed
  • Satin Silver
  • Placid
  • Ripple
  • Fireworks
  • Diamond Back

Many more Chemetal slatwall styles are slatwall panels on our site or call us to find out how our Chemetal panels can put a little “dazzle” in your retail design ideas.

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