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Creative Entryways & Mud Rooms with Slatwall

Keep Your Floors Clean With Slatwall
Slatwall Can Help Keep Floors & Carpets Clean

Around the country, families living in areas receiving significant quantities of rain throughout the year know the challenge of keeping floors and carpets clean and dry. Floor mats help to some extent, but to keep moisture at the entrance of your home, you’ve got to get creative. That’s where Slatwall comes in.

Imagine family and friends entering the house, slipping coats, hats and scarves on faceouts, hooks or disc stops, laying gloves, keys and even purses on shelves, acrylic trays or wire baskets. Smaller children have a lower row of disc stops just for them, where they can hang their coats and backpacks. And, with items neatly arranged and out of the way, footwear can easily be placed below.

What I like about using our slatwall in entryways and mudrooms is that you can customize our products to fit your unique home. In larger spaces, such as mudrooms and some entryways, slatwall can be applied to multiple walls, allowing two rows of faceouts, hooks or disc stops. On one wall (one row above the other), countered by an arrangement of shelves, bins, trays or baskets on another wall. In smaller areas, where only one wall is available, a row of shelves placed just above a row of disc stops is quite practical.

Of course, faceouts, hooks or disc stops can be spaced further apart (horizontally) for wider/heavier coats, or placed in a creative, multi-tiered pattern.

In any situation, Spacewall’s varied selection of slatwall and accessories (in an assortment of colors and styles) can meet your unique needs. Factors in your home or business affecting your slatwall choices include, size and shape of the wall space, weight load, humidity, average number of adults and children, etc.

Contact Spacewall International for the correct product combination of slatwall and accessories so we can assist you in making the wall space in your home or business both functional and stylish.

1 Thought On "Creative Entryways & Mud Rooms with Slatwall"

  1. Dinya Designs
    January 3, 2019

    I agree. Using Slatwall in entryways and mudrooms is that you can customize our products to fit your unique home and this can be applied to multiple walls. This is awesome because we can make our home or business both functional and stylish.

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