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Slatwall Helps Achieve Business Success

We’ve all done it at one time or another – walked past store after store in a shopping mall, only to stop in our tracks at the entrance of a store with products we were not even looking for. At first, we’re drawn in for a closer look at what caught our eyes, but then we discover a world of interesting products. And, before we know it, we’ve spent more than a little time in the store. We’ve spent our money, as well.

Our reactions are understandable.  The study of what influences our choices in the marketplace is both art and science, and impacts the entire store layout, along with product placement, color selection, lighting/mood, and much, much more. Businesses spend considerable time planning every aspect of their retail environment. And, when their retail design strategy is ready for implementation, slatwall should be at the heart of bringing their plans to life.

The benefits of utilizing slatwall products in your retail design strategy

Slatwall provides style, beauty and value to whatever environment it is used. And, when creatively applied, slatwall blends and flows with your theme to enhance your customer’s shopping experience. This results in a heightened perceived product value and, perhaps, longer store visits – factors which may facilitate unplanned purchases.

Slatwall’s Versatility

CitiTrends Store Using Spacewall
CitiTrends Store Using Spacewall

Slatwall’s versatility is a great benefit to your retail design ambitions. Use slatwall accessories and display fixtures from Spacewall to vary the position and arrangement of your products, as well as to mitigate changes in stock quantity and dimension. Furthermore, products can be thematically grouped in various ways, assisting customers to find, view and purchase your products with as little stress as possible. Of course, another benefit of properly grouped products is that it provides clearance for your customers to view other products in your store that may complement their intended purchases.

Slatwall assists with Accessibility

Slatwall Increases Accessibility
Slatwall Increases Accessibility

Spacewall’s slatwall products and accessories can help your business achieve compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA requires retail establishments to follow a set of guidelines designed to ensure customers with disabilities (roughly 18% of the American population) can safely access their goods and services. To fulfill these guidelines, use slatwall products to lift your merchandise to the proper height specifications, keep aisles clear and to ensure a safe route throughout your store. Spacewall’s prongs, brackets, waterfalls, faceouts, hooks, disc stops, display racks, wire baskets, shelves, bins, cornerforms and display fixtures will keep your store’s products unobtrusive, accessible and attractive to this significant group within our population.

Slatwall’s Strength and Durability

Auto Rims Displayed On SlatwallSlatwall’s reputation for strength and durability is well known in the retail industry. Slatwall products are proven and reliable solutions to display jeans, shirts, shoes, coats, hats, helmets, backpacks, baskets, music instruments, gardening tools, sporting equipment, audio, lighting and video components, automobile tires and rims, and much more.

Visit Spacewall.com or call us at our Georgia or Texas plant. Discover the slatwall products you can use to bring your retail design ideas to life.

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