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What Is the Difference Between Slatwall and Slotwall?

The short answer is that there is no difference between “slatwall” and “slotwall”.

They both are used to describe the same product. The product is used mainly in retail stores as fixture paneling to support brackets, shelves, hangers and baskets on which to display products for sale.

Other terms used to describe the same product are “slat wall”, “slot wall”, “slat board”, “slot board”, “slatboard”, “slotboard”, “groove wall”, and “grooved wall”.

The Birth of Spacewall & Slatwall

One night in the late 70’s, our owner, Hugh Johnson, woke up with an idea. Using plywood, glue, staples and woodworking equipment, he made a rough sample of a wall panel that had grooves. He then met with Federated Department Stores in New York City, pitched the idea and Spacewall slatwall was born.

Originally the slatwall paneling was made by hand. Each slat was glued one at a time to a base back panel. For the next 15 years, it remained the top product in retail store fixture industry.

New Uses Are Still Being Created

Today most slatwall is made of wood. However, it can also be made of metal or plastic. Once you’ve really “seen” slatwall you notice it almost everywhere. It is used in libraries and bookstores to showcase new and interesting books. It can be used in clothing, sporting goods, and gifts stores to display products. It is often used as free standing connected panels to display products, brochures and signage in booths at trade shows. Our clients are coming up with new uses all the time.

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