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Spacewall Garage Storage Solutions

I love using standard or pvc slatwall to transform a cluttered, messy garage into one that is tidy and beautifully organized!

Garden Rack & BasketGarden Rack with Basket

Slatwall is perfect for your garage’s unique storage needs due to its versatility, durability, good looks and low cost.

Sports Rack & Basket

Use slatwall in areas both large and small to organize your sporting equipment, vehicle parts, tools, tires, shoes, boots, gardening supplies, ladders, rakes, shovels and more.

Hand Tool Tack
Hand Tool Tack
Big Tool Rack
Big Tool Rack
Shelf with Kooks
Shelf with Kooks

Tame your garage while unleashing your creativity! Visit our home slatwall department or contact us today for help on your next project.

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