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Wilsonart Virtual Design Library

In today’s marketplace, consumers have a variety of ways they can purchase goods and services. With the rise in online shopping it is more important than ever to create an inviting atmosphere using HPL slatwall from Spacewall coupled with Wilsonart’s Virtual Design Library. Creating an aesthetically pleasing retail environment can attract, and more importantly retain, customers.

Multiple studies on millennial spending habits have shown that the newer generation values experiences over material items. Therefore, the best way to compete against the surge in online shopping is to create an engaging landscape that will create a positive shopping experience.

Wilsonart now offers a custom, textured high pressure laminate that can be applied to your slatwall order. Below are just a few examples of the designs you can choose from on their website at: Wilsonart Virtual Design Library

Wilsonart Wood HP Laminate
Wilsonart Wood Pattern High Pressure Laminate
Wilsonart Leaf Pattern HP Laminate
Wilsonart Leaf Pattern High Pressure Laminate
Wilsonart Blue Paint Pattern HP Laminate
Wilsonart Blue Paint Pattern High Pressure Laminate

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