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Garage, Garden, Sports

Make the most out of your limited space and time with our new garage storage systems. Each organizer is made from heavy gauge steel. Distinctive natural granite color. Coated with a thick rugged Epoxy protective coating to protect from marring and scratching.


Tradeshow Booth with Cherry LPL Slatwall and CornerForms

Garage Storage Brackets can only be used with 3" O.C. Slatwall. May be used with our Wood Slatwall or PVC Durawall.

Garage Storage Systems Accessories can be either direct mounted or preferably used with our Slatwall products as shown below.

7115560150 loop hook

Loop Hook

Stores garden hoses and step ladders

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7115560050 grip everything hook

Grip Everything Hook

Friction grip lock for long handled tools

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7115561050 everything hook

Everything Hook

Multi-purpose tool holder

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7115561150 big everything hook

Big Everything Hook

Multi-purpose tool holder

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7115561250 work hook

Work Hook

Multi-purpose tool holder

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7115561350 big work hook 1

Big Work Hook

Multi-purpose tool holder

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7115560250 shelf with hooks

Shelf with Hooks

Stores mechanical tools, lawn and garden tools and more

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7115560350 big tool rack

Big Tool Rack

Stores multiple long handled tools

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7115521050 hand tool rack

Hand Tool Rack

Stores multiple hand tools & common shop items

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7115520050 garden rack with basket

Garden Rack with Basket

Stores garden tools, removable basket

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7115505050 fish hook

Fish Hook

Stores 4 rods/reels

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7115501050 golf rack and basket

Golf Rack and Basket

Stores 2 golf bags, 2 prs of shoes and more

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7115502050 racquet rack

Racquet Rack

Stores 7 racquets and 2 tennis ball cans

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7115506050 ski rack

Ski Rack

Stores 1 pair of any ski type

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7115507050 sports rack with basket

Sports Rack and Basket

Stores an assortment of balls, bats, shoes and more

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7115503050 skate rack and basket

Skate Rack and Basket

For organizing and storing

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7115504150 bike hook

Bike Hook

Stores one bike vertically

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7115504050 bike rack and basket

Bike Rack and Basket

Stores one bike horizontally with accessories. 

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