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  • ColorGroove Vinyl Inserts - Assorted Rolls
  • ColorGroove Vinyl Inserts - Before & After
  • ColorGroove Vinyl Inserts - Assorted Rolls
  • ColorGroove Vinyl Inserts - Red
  • ColorGroove Vinyl Inserts - Blue
  • ColorGroove Vinyl Inserts - Gold
  • ColorGroove Vinyl Inserts - Green
  • ColorGroove Vinyl Inserts - Silver
  • ColorGroove Vinyl Insert Rolls
  • ColorGroove Vinyl Insert - Black
  • ColorGroove Vinyl Insert - Gray
  • ColorGroove Vinyl Insert - White

ColorGroove Vinyl Inserts

Our ColorGroove vinyl slatwall inserts make changing the color of your panel grooves simple. Each 130 foot roll will fill a single panel using the standard 3 inch on center (OC) groove spacing. Choose from white, black, red, blue, green, orange, gold or silver mirror.

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These vinyl slatwall inserts allow you to extend a solid color of vinyl across multiple panels. The mix-n-match and do-it-yourself install only requires a few minutes of your time and needle-nose pliers.